Having built many personal projects and client websites, Maghin became a great web designer and developer who is able to turn any idea into an amazing experience. Here are the Case Study's





Designed and developed multiple websites and web applications. Experienced in creating blazing fast websites with data persistence using the latest stack (e.g. JAM stack, and MERN with GraphQL and Apollo). Lives on the fuel that comes from making web logic and designs come to life with Node and react, while still considering himself a "forever student" learning new ways better ways of making these websites come to life is so very sublime. Aiming to become a great web developer who is able to turn any idea into an amazing website lead to building many personal projects and websites. Recently he was able to make an open-source website combining many of his favorite technologies while maintaining a work-life balance. Maghin believes work is faster and clearer when keeping track of his health and mindfulness, a tenet he lives out through his passion for tennis, meditation, and abstract art. Maghin is currently working as a freelance web designer and developer always craving a challenge.

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